Amanda Lee Hughes: PhD Candidate (CS)

Amanda Lee Hughes is an Associate professor in the IT & Cybersecurity Program at Brigham Young University (BYU). As a recognized research leader in the area of Crisis Informatics, her current work investigates the use of social media during crises and mass emergencies with particular attention to how social media affect emergency response organizations. She leads the Crisis Informatics Lab at BYU. An overarching goal of her research is to design, implement, and deploy software systems that improve crisis communications. Her research interests span human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, social computing, software engineering, and disaster studies.

Her current research projects are funded by the following grants: 1) NSF RAPID grant to study Human-AI Teaming for Big Data Analytics to Enhance Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 2) NSF grant entitled Collaboration in the Future of Work: Developing Playable Case Studies to Improve STEM Career Pathways and 3) NASA SERVIR-Amazonia grant for Improving Resiliency and Reducing Risk due to Extreme Hydrologic Events through Application of Earth Observations and In-Situ Monitoring Information.

Prior to coming to the IT & Cybersecurity Program, Amanda received a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and a Master's and PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder. She also worked as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Utah State University.